Hardcastle and McCormick: Virtual Season Four

There were countless people involved in the first three seasons of Hardcastle and McCormick, and each of them provided invaluable contributions.  But behind it all was the driving force of one man.  With respect, appreciation, and love, this season of
"Hardcastle and McCormick" is dedicated to Stephen J. Cannell.
The Episodes**

TONIGHT:   4.22      Dead Week, Part II
  4.21      Dead Week, Part I 

   Where's Yosemite Sam When You Need Him?
         (Orig Airdate:  11-7-11)
  4.20      Skullduggery
                     Buried Treasure (Orig Airdate: 10-31-11)
   Dead Man Switch (Orig Airdate: 10-24-11)
  4.19      A Favor for Teddy
                                 Thin Blue Line (Orig Airdate: 10-17-11)
  4.18      Murder at the Ballpark       
  A Matter of Trust (Orig Airdate: 10-10-11)
  4.17     Séance  on a Wednesday Afternoon    
  Third Time Pays for All (Orig Airdate: 10-3-11)
  4.16     What's New, Pussycat?  
  Thunder in Las Vegas (Orig Airdate 9-26-11)
  4.15     Something's Going On In This Town
  Another Day in Paradise (Orig Airdate: 9-23-11)
  4.14:   Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
  4.13:   Examination of Conscience
  4.12:   Let it Snow
  4.11:    Angel in the Centerfold
  4.10:   Too Many Crooks
  4.09:    Ladies and Gentlemen
  4.08:    Where's Yosemite Sam When You Need Him?
  4.07:   Buried Treasure
  4.06:   Dead Man Switch
  4.05:   Thin Blue Line
  4.04:  A Matter of Trust
  4.03:  Third Time Pays for All
  4.02:  Thunder in Las Vegas
  4.01:  Another Day in Paradise

**These episodes are works of fanfiction, for entertainment purposes only.  The characters and concepts of Hardcastle and McCormick do not belong to us, but to their original creators. We appreciate the opportunity to continue their legacy.
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